Success is inevitable

I leaned on a glass wall at a concert I thought about the people I would miss if they were gone and how easily the glass could break.

The glass shattered

And you reflected in every piece,

But only for a moment.

Home is where the heart is.  People work hark everyday just to come back home and find their peace there.  A home is unique to each person and belongs just to them, but why would you want something on fire?  This week we learned about our houses being on fire.  Chomei said “Men of means have much to fear.”(Chomei 59)  By putting value in what is truly valueless, like homes, we create suffering for ourselves.  What makes the homes valueless is that they are part of the floating world, which is impermanent (Lecture 3/15).  The floating world is impermanent (ukiyo), but through shukke (leaving home) one could separate themselves from the floating world.  While shukke is a way to escape from ukiyo, I’d rather stay in ukiyo because failure and suffering can only last so long.

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