Week 3- Dogs/Sticks/Houses

This weekend of the snow blizzard, I was studying in the lounge of West Hall, in front of a window looking to the Academic Quad and listening an old playlist when the chorus of a new song started playing..

flying flakes vibrate
a pattern
like a wave
but not on the sea.

After third week’s class I actually decided to add the class and catch up with the readings… Certainly one of the most noteworthy things happened in the class was the “The House is on Fire” rap/chorus fusion. Still the melody of the the idea of leaving the house, or shukke (出家) in general is not a one that can be internalized that easily. How can we abandon the life that we have spent so much time on building/ forming/ perfecting.   It is true that “We suffer because we hang on to the things that we want to last” (Lecture 02/06) but how can we persuade ourselves that those things won’t last. “To seek security and permanence by attaching ourselves to that which is unpleasant and floating is to be deluded” (Inouye 40). I tend to enjoy being deluded at times because the other option seems too frightening and conflicting to my constant need for a one constant  anchoring truth. In this context the concept of anataman is really new and seems to solve a lot of problems, a self-concentrated life might have. Though I completely acknowledge the idea of evanescence, I believe in working hard in order to reach a target yet I am aware that a fleeting experience of happiness is a moving target. We have talked in the class about the Japanese saying “If a dog walks, he finds a stick”, although we know that due to the cyclic nature of happiness and sadness, the dog will lose that stick, -eventually. Still It is better than not finding it at all, Its the experience that counts yet its the memory that haunts.

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  1. Avatar of Ya Qing Ya Qing says:

    I have to say I enjoyed your painting a lot. good work of art.
    Also liked your comments on the idea “If a dog walks, he finds a stick”. I guess if we don’t take “losing” something too seriously and try to enjoy “walking” more, whether we find the steak or not becomes not that important. And the process may be more fun and meaningful.

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