Nothing but love.

Leaving Tisch after finding out my grandmother died, I was greeted by a dark and cold night, while looking at the bright white snow that was diminishing.

In the Winter’s night,
Wind blowing and life asleep,
The snow ebbs away.

I tried to think about nothing this weekend, but then wondered how I could do my homework this week. I rethought what this idea about nothingness was, based on readings and lecture, and came to the conclusion it is an empty space filled with love.  This was an idea I could accept and still have life move on around me.  While reading Zen Birds of Appetite this past weekend, I stumbled upon what Nirvana is. Nirvana is wisdom and perfect love (Merton 84).  Perfect love and spreading it is ideal to me because I’d rather everyone be accepted for their differences, but loved for them too.  This idea led me to the Bodhisattva who are people that have been Enlightened.  The Bodhisattva come back from Paradise to help those who are still struggling to make it (Inouye 52).  Such an act of selflessness was inspiring to me and made me feel that they truly must have gained great compassion from Enlightenment.  Unlike western culture which views nothingness as a vacuum (Lecture 4/15) this nothingness is desirable to me.  The idea of limitless love, possibilities, and acceptance correlates to what I would desire in life.  Though the very desire makes it difficult to find Enlightenment.

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  1. I got the chills reading your poem. I agree with you about nothingness being filled with love. I would even say the two are synonymous. When you connect into the love that is emptiness, you feel that love is ever flowing, inexhaustible. Its not the “love” that is here one day and gone the next. It is the constant, the ground on which being stems.

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