A year of planning, emails, and meetings finally came to fruition this weekend at the Tufts Hackathon.

A thousand moving pieces
the floating snowflakes
never colliding

I failed miserably at being hedonistic this past week. Although I succeeded in not doing the work for any of my classes, I only replaced it with work and projects that exist outside of school. I need to find the balance between work and play,  and instill in myself a “sense of urgency to the pursuit of pleasure” (Inouye 70). My youthfulness is evanescent, right? Better hurry. Despite this, I feel like I have multiple personality disorder, one identity infatuated with love and one trying to escape it, just like the two men in The Woman Who Loved Love. I can’t help it though with something “so queer as love.” (Saikaku *) The section about the emperor searching for his ideal spouse struck me both as a turning point for Japanese unified consciousness and a statement about absurd beauty standards. It was perhaps not intended originally, but the litany of detail after more specific detail becomes humorous. Who could possibly want a spouse so precisely define by a painting “produced from a scroll box of straight-grained paulownia wood?” (Saikaku 166)


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