Change is beautiful

While at Harvard this past weekend I felt surrounded by buildings made of brick, just as crimson as they were when I last saw them years ago.

Forever crimson,

How many clouds have passed you,

Bricks of veritas?

“Why climb the mountain?  To return to the valley” (Lecture 6/15)  As I thought about this statement and Bashō’s journey I reflected on my experience Tufts Wilderness Orientation.  Every mountain I climbed was a struggle, but the hills of trees, rolling clouds, and sunsets were worth it.  The movement behind Bashō’s poetry was to enter nature and through it give poetic truth to verse.  The result was mood created by nature rather than one’s emotions (Inouye 77).  Rather than think of myself, I was filled with my scenery.  How many trees there were, how the sun lingers in leaving yet rushes to return.  At the end of the trip I left the wonderful wilderness and descended back to the city.  While this wasn’t Enlightenment, I felt enlightened and shared my experience with those who were unable to take my same journey.  Coming back to the present though, I reflected on Bashō’s point of emphasizing change being a necessary component to art.  He says that artists need to follow and return to Creativity (Inouye 78).  This idea pushed the rigid boundaries of current poetry in Japan, but I think it is imperative to all art forms.  If art was only constrained, defined, or replicated then there still would be beautiful works of art.  Though art under these restraints will stifle out the beauty in front of us that we may have never thought of.

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  1. “bricks of veritas” is kind of beautiful. Nice job there.

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