Here and Now

no poem this week.

The Narrow Road to the Deep North  was particularly impressive because of Basho’s simple yet incredibly expressive way of describing his simple feelings and interactions with the nature.  Still having Saikaku’s A Women Who Loved Love and  the conception of hedonist woman as the bad woman on my mind, the part where Basho described spending a night under the same roof with two prostitutes caught my attention. Mostly because of what they tell to Basho before they leave.  Women ask Basho and Sora if they could follow:

  ” We feel so uneasy and depressed at the thought of the difficulties that may await us on the way to an unfamiliar place that we would like to follow behind you” (Basho 119). 

What is simply and overtly phrased here is the feeling that makes us dread the present for the fear of future. I believe it is this very feeling that keeps us in the burning house. Although it burns at least we know it burns. The feeling of control and familiarity becomes preferable to a looming, unknown alternative. Yet in the face of constant changing world, these woman’s depression seems to stand the completely against from the logic of Here and Now.

Yet as opposed to the discussion of hedonism, making present pleasurable In this week’s lecture The Bodhisattava Cycle wants us to leave the house, wonder, traverse through the path of sorrow so that we can learn to value what your initial position. (Lecture 3/25) . It is so that to go through two part and achieve the zen on the order of here and now, we must practice a sort of abstinence by saying no to the enlightenment, turn away from the truth we have been seeking, to settle down. But why say no to an higher order if we are focused on experiencing the present. It might be because in the world of Mono No Aware, enlightenment and truth are not the things that makes one necessarily happy. Truth is dangerous. That is why sometimes we ignore the truth.

Also on a random note, it is incredibly intriguing to know that there is a town (page 131) called:

“Parents Forget Their Children, Children forget their Parents, Dogs Turn Back, Horses Return”


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