The Order of Here and Now

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I enjoyed reading Bashō’s poems this week, though I wish we had read them earlier because I think they would have really helped me construct my own weekly poems. That said, it’s good that we have them now as an example and I think I have a much better idea of what is expected. Most of Bashō’s poems “centered on evanescence and form” (Inouye 74). A great example and a poem I really liked that was never discussed in class is “The changeable sky/Of the northern districts/Prevented me from seeing/The full moon of autumn” (Bashō 141). In my mind this captures the image of the night sky perfectly and also is a great example of how the evanesce of nature (the changing clouds in the sky) interacts with its form. Even though Basho could not see the moon, he knows that it’s full because of the time of the year. He termed this relationship as “fueki ryukō, the unchanging and the ever-changing” (Inouye 74). Fueki ryukō also describes his journey; as he travels and sees new sights his journey is constantly changing. “As firmly cemented clam-shells/Fall apart in autumn/So I must take to the road again/Farewell, my friends” (Bashō 142).  Each location he stays at becomes a new clam-shell, only to be destroyed by the incoming autumn of his departure. In the end though his journey closely resembles “kōgō kizoku” or “awakening to the high and returning to the low” as we watch him search for enlightenment while still intended to one day return to the home he left (Inouye 80). This concept reminds me a lot of my own journey through college and how I temporarily left my home in California to study in Boston. Whether or not I’ll returned as enlightened as Bashō is still unclear…

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  1. Really liked your comparison of your journey to Bashō’s. I think all of us can make a journey like his

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