Celebrate the Semester

During Kenny’s Kendo demonstration, I looked up at the cherry blossoms.

The Kendo Shinai’s

clack echoes -

A cherry petal falls.


Cherry Blossom








The Hanami celebration was a time for me to truly feel at one with this class.  Never mind the delicious food, sake, music, and absolutely PERFECT weather, for me, this few hours of celebration allowed me to solidify relationships with my peers and feel as though we had all accomplished something together.  What we accomplished was a 14-week introduction to our understanding of Japanese culture.  Although I believe we all have a long way to go if we want to truly understand evanescence and form, I think we can all come out of this class saying that we’ve learned an awful lot about them.  Having such an outspoken class was essential to this process; during our debates and discussions in class, I was often enlightened by one of my classmates’ thoughts, which occasionally swayed my opinion on the subject at hand as well.  These thoughts often marinated in my mind for a while outside of class, and I now see the world from a different perspective.  I feel lucky that I took this course at such a pivotal stage in my life, and have learned so much about how I want to spend my last year in college and the years beyond.

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