Ending the Year

As I was walking around campus a single cherry blossom fell and caught the sun’s light as it headed towards the ground.

There from your high height,
You fall and catch the sun’s light.
Graceful, in your plight.


When I first entered this course, I was just looking to deepen my understanding of Japanese culture.  I had planned to study abroad in Japan and wanted more of a reason than my enjoyment of anime. I learned about hedonism, animism, and a new way to value space amongst many other lessons.  Nothing has become everything and a person’s belief in a deity can be all encompassing of others.  I’ve been amazed by the samurai’s code of honor and intrigued by the respectability of being a geisha.  The idea of evanescence has giving me a way to describe aspects of life I had begun to notice.  Also, the idea of evanescence has been one of my favorite topics I’ve learned this semester.  Taking this course was the best decision I’ve made in choosing classes my entire freshman year.  By the end of this course I realized that my enjoyment of Japan goes beyond anime.  Now, as a raising sophomore, I am thinking of becoming a Japanese major so that I can pursue my interest to even greater extent.

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