Sarah Marakos


We were all sitting under the cherry blossom tree in the middle of the afternoon.


The tree shades the ground

From the afternoon sun-

As its blossoms flutter to the ground.


This class taught me a lot of important things about Japanese culture that I did not know before, but more importantly it taught me valuable things about life. I learned that failure is inevitable, but then, so is success. It is best to just be at the zero level- of nothing- than to be either up or down because then you are always going to face the other extreme next. I also learned to appreciate lyrical moments. Instead of rushing around worrying where I have to be next, I now appreciate the things along the way- images, sounds, and smells of the world around me. Most importantly, this class was focused on evanescence. Knowing that everything is constantly changing gives me some comfort because now I’m ready for it. I won’t face change with sadness and despair, but with positivity for what is to come in the future. Maybe my happiness won’t last, but neither will sadness. And besides, there is beauty in sadness. After taking this class, I try to make sure I live every day like it could be my last, appreciating every moment for what it is worth.

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