Songwha Choi

I was standing in front of the cherry blossom tree with holding the sake cup, when I noticed that the petals hang from tree branches was falling down.

Spring blue sky—

Cherry blossom petals hang from tree branches

Falling down in the sake cup


This class gave me special emotional moments. Especially the Hanami celebration was wonderful time for me. This event reminded me of what we have learned and explored in our class. When I watched the cherry blossoms, I felt I could commune with nature. The Japanese music, cherry blossom viewing, warm sake, and beautiful weather made a perfect harmony. It was such a wonderful experience in my life. I could feel the Japanese culture deeply. Learning different cultures are always interesting to me. Since I have a plan to work for Japan, this class was worthy of learning for my future. In this class, I have learned valuable lesson that everything is constantly changing, so nothing lasts. Furthermore, some moments are precious, and sadness is beautiful. “Evanescence and form” brought me a poetic sentiment. This class changed my way of thinking. I was able to fulfill myself through this experience. When I posted my haiku and picture in the class blog, I could interact with our classmates. I could learn the different and interesting views from them. This works were a priceless time. I appreciate that this class gave me these great opportunities during the semester.

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