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The Order of Here and Now

Nothing this week.   I enjoyed reading Bashō’s poems this week, though I wish we had read them earlier because I think they would have really helped me construct my own weekly poems. That said, it’s good that we have … Continue reading

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Week 5: Hedonism

I was walking through campus when a bunch of Canadian geese flew over my head in a perfect V formation. clear blue sky dozen winged geese perfect formation   The discussion and readings about hedonism this week really emphasize the … Continue reading

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Week 4: Nothingness

I was walking to Tisch during sunset and noticed how the snow-covered President’s lawn was sparkling in the fading sunlight. setting sun crisp frozen ground twinkling snow In class we talked about whether common Japanese practices, such as the Coming … Continue reading

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Week 3

Not this week.   In class we discussed Hojoki and how its author was compelled to seek a life of “complete seclusion” (Lecture 2/6). To me it seemed like the main reason he did that was because he was getting … Continue reading

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Week 2

I left Tisch late on Monday night after it snowed and saw a bunny hop in front of me around Goddard Chapel! dimly lit walkway untouched snow suddenly — a bunny       I was a little confused after … Continue reading

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Week 1

I loved the fresh snow on Saturday but was disappointed because I could tell it was going to melt quickly that morning. early morning footprint in new snow sunlight is strong       I’m really excited to explore this … Continue reading

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