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Friday I went on a walk around the campus in the snow and was moved by the children sledding down the hill, so light in their play. Children laugh, playing in each other’s belonging. The wind freshens.   This week … Continue reading

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The Mirror Self, Emptiness, and Compassion

  Saturday I went to the Fells and climbed to the top of this hill of huge boulders; I sat still and watched the tall evergreen trees slowly swaying.   Trees Breaking through the winter sky, Alive.   I was … Continue reading

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drawing for this week?

know what to draw anyone?

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The Hedonistic Life

Walking on Saturday night in Jamaica Plains after a night of drunken drama ( my attempt at a hedonistic life), feeling tired of the snow and the city that makes it (and sometimes me) so ugly.   The whiteness of … Continue reading

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Alma Rominger   Friday afternoon, I went to the Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plains and climbed all the way to the top of the hill, where I laid on a bench and became lost in the beauty of the leaves … Continue reading

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Alma Rominger   Having a long and hard day at work, on top of a week full of frustrations, emotions piled up and exploded as I left to walk home on Friday evening as the blizzard started; while I was … Continue reading

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Living Music

Alma Rominger  I was walking through a neighborhood close to Teele Square during the mid-morning on Friday when I walked by a house with a large wind-chime and I paused to listen and appreciate.   The leaves dance to the … Continue reading

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Still Transformation

After contemplating professor’s advice to bathe today because I might die tomorrow, I decided to bathe in the second floor, pretty dingy, bathroom early Saturday night .   A Space Transformed- Candle Flame, Still Water Lovers’ Arms.   I feel that paradox … Continue reading

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