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Petals tickled by wind Part with the tree – A last farewell     Well we’ve reached the end. I don’t really know what to say. I can say I loved the class– sitting quietly absorbing and reflecting on the … Continue reading

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Here and Now

I was reading in the library on that dreary, rainy Wednesday when my gaze was pulled to the only bright object, a pool of water on the road. A restless pool, Lit from afar— Never one shape. The “here-and-now” describes … Continue reading

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Alas, no moment this week. The concept of constant change and evanescence is in a way, relatively depressing. We are all essentially powerless and like leaves in the wind, subject completely to the whims of something we have no say … Continue reading

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Saturday morning I went for a walk and ended up on the Tisch roof garden (as per usual) and in watching the light snowfall was struck by an overwhelming belief in the loneliness of life. A world of white flakes … Continue reading

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The Samu-rise and Escaping that Burning House

by Ben deButts Friday night with snow falling all around me, I lied with my back against the huge tree on the prez lawn and looked up to observe the web of branches, struck by their natural complexity.   Branches … Continue reading

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Dreaming Buddhas

Having woken up late and feeling groggy on Sunday I opened the shade to see the afternoon snow.   A once clouded head Sees the floating snow– Now cleared by clouds above   Anitya is the Buddhist concept that “the … Continue reading

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by Benjamin deButts I was reading on a bench near the prez lawn when there was a strong breeze.   Winter silence- A gust disturbs Moments later, gone     This past week in Japanese culture the focus was mostly … Continue reading

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