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Enjoying the sake and sushi under the cherry blossom trees, outside Bendetson. Clear sky- Wind blows Blossoms scatter This class may be titled “Introduction to Japanese Culture”, but it really teaches about life, and how to live. The Hanami party … Continue reading

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Into the World

Walking on the academic quad after the snowstorm. Snow covered field- Through a gap in the snow, Green grass. This week’s lectures focused primarily on Japan’s relations with the world, and how that changed with the arrival of foreigners (for … Continue reading

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Here and now

Smoking under a tree when it was raining, in the afternoon. A tall tree- Droplets of rain In the wind   (No picture assigned for this week).   We focused mainly on Bashō and his poetry this week. I found … Continue reading

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Hedonism, mono no aware

Chilling with a friend on Capen street at night, when it was snowing. Snow falling- Smoke rising- Inhale The main focus this week was Hedonism, which I found very interesting. Personally, I find the ideas make total sense. I’d like … Continue reading

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Looked up at the night sky when I left Wren to go to dinner.   Dark sky- Clouds hide The moonlight There is a great deal of material to talk about this week. Merton talking about mystical experiences, particularly in … Continue reading

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Houses and failure – Carlos Madeira

Was standing outside in the Carmichael parking lot with some friends on Sunday afternoon, admiring the piles of snow. Was temporarily blinded when the sun reflected its light off the snow. Clear sky- Snow reflecting the sunlight   I really … Continue reading

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World of Dreams

Walking along the Capen St. parking lot when it was snowing; saw footsteps etched in the snow that went in almost every direction. Snow falling – On the blanketed path, Footsteps of unnamed travelers. This week’s lectures talked a great deal … Continue reading

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