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Hedonism and Mono no Aware

Nothing this week.             The development of a Hedonistic perspective in Tokugawa Japan may have come due to the merchants’ increased frustration by their inability to move up in life, regardless of their wealth (Lecture … Continue reading

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Striving for Nothingness – Chris Navarro

I was walking home from the store Monday night when I took a moment to stand and observe the puddles on the floor. Cars passing by A cool night’s breeze Light reflections on water             … Continue reading

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Leaving the World – Chris Navarro

Nothing this week.           Is Shukke the answer?  I believe the “bad news” is true.  Success does not last (Lecture 2/4).  It is also true that we will continuously be disappointed in this world.  However, would … Continue reading

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From Hakanasa to Mujo – By Chris Navarro

I walked my dog to the park at midnight on a snowy night and I was taken by how beautiful and bright it was. Grass covered with snow Black dog running in the night Appears bright as day   In … Continue reading

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