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By Julia Russell Waiting for the bus in Medford Square on a very cold Friday afternoon.   A forgotten receipt, carried by wind down the sidewalk.   The principles of increasingly formalized Buddhism lost daily prominence and self-indulgence reigned as … Continue reading

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By Julia Russell Nothing this week. A little sad to look back on almost ten days and wonder what I was so wrapped up in that I didn’t have a minute-long lyrical experience.   We focused on a major contradiction … Continue reading

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A House Might Crush You

By Julia Russell I was sitting in my room on Friday evening when I realized how quiet everything was without cars no the roads. Snow floats into the street in silence. We continued our discussion of Buddhism this week, still … Continue reading

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Principles of Buddhism

By Julia Russell I woke up Sunday morning to a thin layer of snow outside, but with new flakes melting quickly on the street. Snow floats past the window; A gust drives it faster toward the ground.       … Continue reading

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Evanescence, Form, and the Form of Evanescence

By Julia Russell In the late afternoon I opened the shade in my room in Lewis Hall, which faces off campus toward Davis Square, just in time to catch the last few moments of the sunset over Somerville. The sun’s … Continue reading

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