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Ending the Year

As I was walking around campus a single cherry blossom fell and caught the sun’s light as it headed towards the ground. There from your high height, You fall and catch the sun’s light. Graceful, in your plight. When I … Continue reading

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Change is changing

Sitting in South Hall, I looked out the window at the stormy whether outside and in the dark room, I thought about the challenges my life was presenting me. The trees are moaning. Rain falls from the sky to ground, … Continue reading

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Change is beautiful

While at Harvard this past weekend I felt surrounded by buildings made of brick, just as crimson as they were when I last saw them years ago. Forever crimson, How many clouds have passed you, Bricks of veritas? “Why climb … Continue reading

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Beauty in Sadness

Placing my hair I cut off in honor of Native American grandmother’s death to the Mystic River, I was greeted by two swans. On river floating, Wind guiding and met by swans, The soul goes forward. What better time to … Continue reading

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Nothing but love.

Leaving Tisch after finding out my grandmother died, I was greeted by a dark and cold night, while looking at the bright white snow that was diminishing. In the Winter’s night, Wind blowing and life asleep, The snow ebbs away. … Continue reading

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Success is inevitable

I leaned on a glass wall at a concert I thought about the people I would miss if they were gone and how easily the glass could break. The glass shattered And you reflected in every piece, But only for … Continue reading

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A Winter Day to make me live

Looking outside of my warm room’s window, I looked at a bare tree that was gaining snow, yet seemed unaffected by the cold outside. Tree dusted with snow, Bare and beaten by the wind. Why don’t you shiver?   From … Continue reading

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Coming Home

After winter break I walked to the LGBT Center and entering Bolles House I  saw the words WELCOME HOME! on the wall, making feel like I was back where I belonged. It said WELCOME HOME! The cold leaves body and … Continue reading

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