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Transcending the Nation


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The Moment of the Here and Now

Driving down the highway in New Jersey in the evening, with flakes of snow furiously blown into the windshield. Illuminated by headlights Streaks of snow Fly.   [No image posted this week]   One of the things that struck me … Continue reading

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Walking back from Dewick after dinner on Calbot Avenue, looking up and spotting the chimney attached to Pearson. White smoke rises up and away, blown by the night wind.             The point made at the … Continue reading

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( ´ゝ`) Nothingness?

Looking out my window after the evening showers had passed Tuesday evening. The melting snow glistens illuminated by a single streetlight.   “Mu” or “nothingness” in the context of Zen Buddhism appears at first glance to be self-contradictory – it … Continue reading

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Is the house burning?

Waking up early Saturday morning to a snow-covered campus. The morning stares silently as the snow falls onto the staircase.             The image of the material world as a burning house is a vivid one, … Continue reading

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How Japanese is Japanese Budhism?

Walking down Professor’s Row on Wednesday night. Streetlights dancing with the drizzling rain A warm winter night.               The framing of Buddhism into Japan as a belief system that is both complementary to and … Continue reading

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Evanescence and Form – Week 1

Crossing the Charles River Friday evening on the Red Line. City lights – Shadows reflecting The frosty river.                       How is it that evanescence and form – two seemingly opposite … Continue reading

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