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I was sitting on the Bendetson Patio during our Hanami celebration and looked into my sake cup to find the reflection of the cherry blossom tree, which disappeared as a gust of hit the liquid in my cup. Reflections of … Continue reading

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Walking on the sidewalk at night after the snow storm, I stepped into what looked like solid concrete, but was actually a large puddle of wet snow. Solid ground collapsed into cold, dark, wetness never to hold weight again   Japanese … Continue reading

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I was walking down the hill from Tisch Library to the campus center late at night when I looked up and saw the glimmer of snowflakes falling in line of a bright light on the roof of the campus center. … Continue reading

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As I walked down Professors Row feeling distraught after a fight with my friends, I noticed  rain droplets dripping off the trees’ leaves along the snow covered sidewalk. Wet leaves– once frozen in snow now dripping endlessly I’m not sure … Continue reading

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I was sitting in my room late at night after watching a YouTube clip of the meteor passing over a city in Russia when I looked outside my window to see the night sky. A city sleeps— Stars pass over … Continue reading

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I went outside after the snow fell in the morning to find a dead bird on my porch and then looked up to see the sun rising over my neighborhood. A fallen bird— Snow-covered feathers glimmer as the sun rises … Continue reading

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Letting Go

I was sitting on the subway when I overheard a conversation of a between a woman and her friend.  One of the women was talking about how she had to leave her children due to drug addiction when I noticed … Continue reading

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Of Evanescence and Form

I was walking down Professors Row near the Presidential Lawn in the morning when I noticed a plastic bag blowing in the wind and then get caught in a tree.   A plastic bag– Changing shape in the wind Now … Continue reading

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