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Celebrate the Semester

During Kenny’s Kendo demonstration, I looked up at the cherry blossoms. The Kendo Shinai’s clack echoes – A cherry petal falls.                 The Hanami celebration was a time for me to truly feel … Continue reading

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Blackout by Kaveh Veyssi

This past Thursday I was on the t in the morning going to my internship when the train stopped and the lights went out.   Silence – The black walls Of the tunnel. One idea that captured my interest this … Continue reading

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What Goes Up

I went indoor climbing on Wednesday night and right as I was about to reach the top of a wall, I fell onto the soft mat below me and stayed there for about 2 minutes before getting back up.   … Continue reading

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Paper Lanterns by Kaveh Veyssi

I was walking up the library steps on Saturday night when I witnessed paper lanterns with beautiful calligraphy on them being lit and released into the sky. The writing on paper lanterns Fades from view As they ascend. The idea … Continue reading

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The Zen of Nothingness

This week, I did not experience a lyrical moment, so I do not have a poem to post.  As a result, I feel a bit more stressed than I normally do, which could be the reason why I didn’t have … Continue reading

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Vanishing Act by Kaveh Veyssi

I was walking home from rehearsal late on Wednesday night when I saw some street lamps illuminate the snow that was falling around them. Falling snow, Illuminated by street lamps, Drifts into darkness. During the past week, what has fascinated … Continue reading

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Paradox of Clouds by Kaveh Veyssi

I was walking to Braker Hall on Wednesday afternoon when I looked up to see one layer of clouds that was stationary and one underneath it which was moving across the sky quickly.   Two layers of clouds – One … Continue reading

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The Charles by Kaveh Veyssi

I was riding the train to my internship on Friday morning when I crossed over the Charles River and saw the Boston skyline.   Winter’s water Buildings alongside the river Through the train’s windows I am interested to find out … Continue reading

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