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I’ve mastered “Kōgō”… but what’s all this about “kizoku”? Seeking Bodhisattva status.

I was taking a walk late Sunday afternoon when, turning a corner, I was surprised as the new spring sun hit my face and I could feel its warmth on my cheeks.   I emerge The sun strikes my face. … Continue reading

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Letting go for a while… “Ukiyo-madness”?

By Laura Sabia I was walking quickly down Newbury Street trying to escape the bite of the freezing rain when, out of the very corner of my eye, I noticed the first tiny green buds peaking through the soil of … Continue reading

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My Airborne Enlightenment

By Laura Sabia At the end of a very grey morning in London, my return flight to Boston was exceedingly turbulent (I’m terrified of flying) until… Climbing, clouds recede. At last- sunlight. I was raised with an emphasis on “making … Continue reading

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Floating around in a world of burning houses? LEAVE NOW!

By Laura Sabia I played in the snow with my dog as we walked around my neighborhood in Montreal at midnight. Wisps of snow settle Around her happy, wet face- I let loose my grip. This week, we were presented … Continue reading

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My little naked tree… among other things.

By Laura Sabia As I was walking home from Davis Square in the early afternoon, I looked up to notice the bare branches of a tree a few feet in front of me. Enlightenment- Beneath the sloping tree Snow falls … Continue reading

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My Introduction to Evanescence and Form: A Paradox Extraordinaire…

By Laura Sabia Unable to sleep, I waited alone through the first hours of the morning in the guest bedroom of my friend’s house in New Jersey.   I lie awake- New day’s first light Breaks through my window We … Continue reading

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