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Misunderstanding Sorrow?

First, I saw no “draw this” on any slides… I’ll put up a picture after I know which to draw. Also, there is no category to add this post in for week 6… On the Monday of last week I … Continue reading

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  This week I was walking back from Olin at night, and I noticed a large sheen of ice sitting amidst the snow in the center of the residential quad.   Snow melting   The ice shines   Reflecting yellow … Continue reading

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Mu, Suchness, Understanding

On Tuesday I was struck with a strong moment of Déjà vu as I crossed the street from the memorial steps toward Anderson Hall, hearing the wind, cars, and seeing and smelling the rain on the grass and pavement reminded … Continue reading

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Success and its consequences – Mike Charewycz

  Nothing this week The past week of lectures centered on failure, success, and the consequences of both in this universe. I could not help, as lecture progressed on the sixth, but draw a comparison between Chomei and Thoreau. Both … Continue reading

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From Hakanasa to Mujo – Michael Charewycz

This past weekend I visited my girlfriend in New York City, and on the way back in the evening I noticed the reflections of passing towns and cars and lights through and on the large window I sat next to. … Continue reading

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