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The Rising Sun

On Saturday, I took a long detour home because it was beautiful out and saw a hawk perched on top of Carmichael.  I looked down for a second to get the camera on my phone ready, but it had disappeared. … Continue reading

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Here & Now

Nothing that stood out this week. It seems odd that during the one week we really focused on lyrical poetry I did not experience any particular moments that struck me, at least enough to inspire poetic reflection later.  It makes … Continue reading

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The sadness of things

Sitting by a window in the library after a less than wonderful weekend, I got totally lost looking at the snow as it changed from light rain to full-on blizzard.   Through glass A flurry stretches into blankness Each fluff … Continue reading

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Gray day

Yesterday evening it was starting to get dark and looked like it was about to rain.  I noticed that the sky was a little bit unevenly colored in one spot. A white line on gray sky Perhaps a plane’s trail … Continue reading

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As I was out walking during the height of the blizzard a plow was coming towards me way down the street and I could see the silhouettes of people running in front of it. A light through the storm Two … Continue reading

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Late on Thursday night I was hurrying back from the SMFA shuttle after class and it was unbelievably cold and windy.  On my street everything was blowing wildly and the light from the streetlamps was very foreboding in general. Though … Continue reading

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I had just left my house on Friday night when I turned onto Packard Ave and couldn’t tell if it was snowing or not until I saw the glow of a street lamp.   Snowflakes fall Illuminated by the lamp … Continue reading

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