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Cherry Blossom

Gently falling blossoms Drifting like flakes of snow Winter in the spring   (I couldn’t get my scanner working, so in lieu of a sketch I’m posting this blurry picture I took from under the tree during hanami.) I took this … Continue reading

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Assimilation Nation

On Friday, I watched a square foot of snow slide off one of the eaves of West Hall and land on a student. Shifting glacier Pouring over black edges ― A wet scream. This week, we learned how the Japanese coped … Continue reading

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Nature in a box.

I’m from Arizona, I don’t understand this weird half-rain half-snow thing New England seems to like to do. Drops of ice Shapeless in the light Still wet. (No image was demarcated in the slides this week.) When I think of … Continue reading

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Guilty pleasures.

No lyrical experience this week. So far in class we’ve been talking pretty extensively about evanescence as an inherent and inescapable part of life, and about a very specific reaction to it. In the past two weeks, we’ve seen characters … Continue reading

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Maybe I should get out more.

by Mandy Xu On Friday night, in the crescendo of the blizzard, I took a deep breath and trekked downhill to a party my team was throwing to celebrate a recent win. Stark white bullet sleet plunging — Struggling towards … Continue reading

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