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A New Perspective (Week 7)

While procrastinating in my room Wednesday night I stared at the dying houseplant in my bedroom for an extended period of time. Thirsty plant fading colors death in the month of spring This week we focused on a pivotal period … Continue reading

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Busho and the order of here and now (Week 6)

I tried to delay my posting as long as I could to have a last minute poetic moment, but it just didn’t happen this week. To be honest, when this week’s lesson began I was a bit confused. The concept … Continue reading

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Morning Saplings (Week 5)

I was sitting on my upstairs porch with a cup of coffee Saturday morning and noticed a tree beginning to bud. Winter sapling sprouts beneath snow Awakened This week’s discussions on Hedonism were particularly interesting to me. Birthed from the … Continue reading

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The Zen Garden (Week 4)

I was walking down Boston ave late Tuesday night in the rainy dark and was not properly dressed for the weather. wet steps white noise headlights race by After completing this weeks drawing I continued to contemplate the image. For … Continue reading

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Snow day mornings

I woke up Saturday morning after two feet of snow had just fallen and took a few minutes to lie silently in bed. Window glows A clock ticks louder I found the coupling of success and failure, or “what goes … Continue reading

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I was walking up Winthrop Street during a particularly warm day last week when I noticed a single snowbank on the sidewalk. Sun shines— One snowbank left Peers melted away During this week’s reading and lecture discussions I couldn’t help … Continue reading

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Week 1 – The Cicada (Nicholas Economos)

I wasn’t able to write a poem about an experience this week.     ___________             I had a surprisingly difficult time finding subject material for my brief poem this week. This is surprising because I don’t find the concept … Continue reading

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