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How Still!

Leaving my house this morning, I was blinded by the bright snow and felt the surprisingly warm air hug my body—I was experiencing the mythical Medford-spring. The sound of a glistening stream Rolling down Besides melting snow. I love the … Continue reading

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Predictable Spontaneity

As I walked out of Danish Pastry House yesterday, I noticed that the snow was in full swing—showering everything in sight. The snow drifts Plentifully; Indifferent to where it lands. I feel like I’ve started to understand a bit more … Continue reading

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Going with the Flow

The night after the blizzard, a friend opened his window wide—in silence we stared out, listening to the soundlessness of the usually busy Boston Ave. The cicada-shell world Frozen still with snow Soon to melt Sitting in the dark room, … Continue reading

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Letting go of Self

As I left my house last Tuesday, I couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear—the air was no longer bitter and the birds were out! Snow drip off branches Birds roar— The sun rises Something that I’ve been recently … Continue reading

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Tangible spirituality

I was sitting in the library, peering out the window, when I watched in amusement a squirrel jumping from one tree to another. Scurrying off the high branch The squirrel in air Landing just barely I find it so interesting … Continue reading

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