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“That’s your word for it? Alright, then I feed my ship ‘Kami’ to make it go.” -Comm. Perry

Nothing this week.   In order to best encapsulate my response to this week’s readings, I’d like to revisit the important milestones of Japanese modernization, but from my own perspective. The stage is set with an evanescent Japan and a … Continue reading

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Basho impersonated a member of the cloth because Sora was into that sort of thing.

Yesterday, around evening, it suddenly went from a warm sunny day with flurries to a cold damp rain, and I became morose.   I remember the soft snow drifting down through the sunlight before the sky went dark   I … Continue reading

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Hedonism and a looming term paper

Sitting in my room with a special lady after a long weekend of hedonism. (She’s typing up a report) A downward gaze her fingers moving soundlessly eventually sigh.   I find Saikaku’s narrator to be inhuman. You mentioned in class … Continue reading

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Dry Winter Air

Awake in the middle of the night on Monday with a bloody nose, standing by the nightlight in the bathroom. Eyes, cold and red A dim light in the wall darkness outside I get the idea of Nothingness and Something … Continue reading

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Failure of Form?

Walking in the Powderhouse circle around 11:00pm on Friday night, passing another group of daring travelers.   I cannot feel my ears. The wind rips around me, silhouettes in the distance.     This week we read about the boy … Continue reading

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U to H to M

I did not have a poetic experience this week.     Week two of Japanese Culture had us discussing the ideas presented during week one, but in a more focused way. For instance, we touched again on the basic principles … Continue reading

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Am I doing this right?

Walking along Powderhouse around 4:00pm, feeling uninspired and frustrated at a boring tree while disappointed by the short Winter daylight.   Not this leaf, nor this tree, I mourn the loss of the day. cold, and dark, so early.   … Continue reading

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