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Sarah Marakos   We were all sitting under the cherry blossom tree in the middle of the afternoon.   The tree shades the ground From the afternoon sun- As its blossoms flutter to the ground. This class taught me a … Continue reading

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Modernization and Progress

Sarah Marakos I was on my way to South Station Friday night, and when we were passing over the Charles River, I could only see the buildings and the water in the darkness of the night. A brief view of … Continue reading

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Seeking Enlightenment

Sarah Marakos   When I was walking home one night while the sun was setting, I was standing near Carmichael Hall on a part of the hill where you can see pretty far off into the distance. The last glimpse … Continue reading

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Pursuit of Pleasure

Sarah Marakos Unfortunately, I did not have a lyrical experience this week. Most of our discussion this week was about living life in pursuit of pleasure.  This concept of Hedonism sounds pretty good to me- who doesn’t like to feel … Continue reading

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Sarah Marakos On a day when it was not freezing cold, I went for a jog and ran past this lake where a bird sat perched on a log and was still sitting there when I returned home. A small … Continue reading

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Sarah Marakos I was walking home from the gym Monday night while it was lightly snowing, and the snow on the street was glistening under the street lamps. The street lamp Makes every flake sparkle — A glimpse of bliss … Continue reading

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Sarah Marakos I was walking toward the Memorial Steps on my way to class one morning after it had snowed while puddles were newly forming on the black street. Grey sky- Puddles reflecting images Of students hurrying to class. This … Continue reading

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Sunbeams by Sarah Marakos

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