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Final Post

Cherry blossoms fall Gracefully twirling Life ends   This class has been different from almost every other class I have taken in my life.  I have never been much of an in class talker, and am still not, however I … Continue reading

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Japan is now Japan

I left my dorm room this after noon and realized how it was beginning to feel a lot like spring. Gentle sun snow melting spring is coming I still need to upload picture The period of change under the transcendental … Continue reading

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We go up to come back down

This past weekend I exited a friends apartment and saw how beautiful the city looked at night during a light snow. A light snow silently falls in the city   One of the concepts we covered this week, the Bodhisattva … Continue reading

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I was in Boston on Saturday night when I noticed how nice the street lamps could look at night. Bright lights in a row illuminating life   This past week’s readings and lectures showed us a change in the way … Continue reading

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Nothing this week The idea of nothingness, to be honest, still doesn’t hold much water in my mind.  The thought of, “everything is nothing, nothing is everything” (lecture 2/11) is very hard for me to grasp because it is so contradictory in … Continue reading

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The Burning House

by Shawn Power I was watching the snow fall on Friday evening when I realized how deserted the world looked. Falling snow Swirling wind Seemingly an apocalypse The component of this week’s discussion that I found the most interesting was … Continue reading

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by Shawn Power This past weekend I was in the locker room in between periods with my hockey team when I looked around at my teammates. Sweat dripping Labored breathing One period to play   This past week we began … Continue reading

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Shawn Power   Nothing the week The idea of evanescence and form, or structure, in Japanese culture has been somewhat confusing for me. I guess the only way that I understand the concept is through the line, “In Japan, formality … Continue reading

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