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Bushido and the new order

I was on my way home Friday night, and saw a puddle reflecting light from the house and trees. Branches of the tree Reflection of the house Shimmering in the puddle Meiji period Japan witnessed a dramatic shift from nonsymbolic … Continue reading

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The ever-changing and the poems

Nothing this week . I bought Keene’s translation of the book, and in the preface he gave several examples of the difficulty of translating haiku written in Japanese into English because of the simplicity and the reliance of Japanese language … Continue reading

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I was on the bus from New York to Boston on Saturday night, and saw the trees and unmelted snow in the dim light. Fleeting trees Illuminated by the snow Stretching into night sky   Last week we talked about … Continue reading

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Nothingness and form

Unfortunately, the moment didn’t come to me in the past week. Nothingness is not nihilism. (Lecture 2/11) To me, the lost of “self” can lead us to higher level of capacity and possibilities. Personally, instead of being limited by external … Continue reading

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the burning house

Woke up earlier than usual on Sunday morning because it was bright outside, so I opened the window and smelled the snow. Morning arrived earlier Waiting behind the shutter Sunlight, the smell of snow. Last week we talked about the … Continue reading

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the evanescent beautiful

On Sunday morning, Evan was sitting on his bed, spacing out and trying to decide what to eat, and I saw the snow through his window. Snow Swirling in the air Window frame, your silhouette ————————————- Last week we talked … Continue reading

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From Utsusemi to mujo. -Qing

First, About the lyrical moment: I was walking to Lane Hall on Thursday afternoon and saw an ice cream cone lying on the street elegantly.   An ice cream cone Lying on the street, unmelted Like a pale new born … Continue reading

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