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Cherry blossoms have just bloomed at Wuhan University, while snow was falling here in Boston.   Cherry blossoms at Wuhan University – Photo shone on my laptop screen Snow outside the window. This week’s discussion is a big step that … Continue reading

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Light Out

I was practicing piano in a practice room at Granoff when the light somehow went out, and I enjoyed a few moments of unconstrained playing in the darkness. Black and white keys Light out – Fingers set free. This week’s … Continue reading

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Sea Waves

I was walking downhill through President’s Lawn one day when I felt I saw glistening sea waves that turned out to be reflections from the melting ice that covered the lawn.  Sea waves Glistening – On President’s Lawn This week … Continue reading

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Best Food, Best Look

I was having dinner at Dewick one day, and the vivid colors of my particular choice of food that day drove me to take a photo of it before eating. Food in plate, Untouched – A picture taken. This week … Continue reading

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Sunshine – by George

On Saturday morning, while snow was still falling, I looked outside my dorm window and saw a glaring world of snow, which almost matches the piles of snow of the winter of 2011 that took several months to accumulate – … Continue reading

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Clouds that Passed

I was walking one day to Hill Hall, my freshmen year dorm, to collect a package from mail services, when I saw the clear blue sky and clouds scattered on it that remind me of the beautiful view which I … Continue reading

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I was walking to Olin from downhill one day, traversing through the grass field of President’s Lawn; seeing the bare tree branches and the dried leaves that fell last fall still scattering around reminds me of my mother. Bare branches … Continue reading

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