2 Levy Noah

2 Levy Noah

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  1. Karen Chan says:

    Hi Noah.

    I agree that as a religion, Shinto seems much easier to understand than the Buddhist theories. I think Anitya is easier to understand compared to the other two since change is something that we can experience first hand. We gain new knowledge and perspective everyday, and witness the changing of seasons. As for Dukha and Anatman, I think the theories mean that we shouldn’t be motivated by desires such as money and fortune in life. Because of these things, we are deluded into believing that life is not suffering when it really should be (according to Buddhism). I personally also think that, as long as the physician in your example is doing good, he or she should still be considered a good person regardless of his or her motivations.

  2. ychen04 says:


    I like your interpretation of the drawing 🙂 It’s cute!

    I agree that Buddhism’s ideas are not easy to comprehend. I agree with you that as long as a person is contributing to the world, no matter what the original intention is, that person should be considered a good person. However, again, no one can really define how”good” a good person is. Hopefully we can eventually be able to come up with an acceptable definition by the end of the semester.


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