1 Wachtel Samuel

Samuel Wachtel


-Walking back to my dorm while…-

Snow on boxwood

Winter seed for snowmelt growth

Snowbank leaves

Cicada on Yellow pie

This week, I was struck by the relationship between nature and humanity. Kitagawa writes on page 47 that “the poets had a keen sense of nature in their lives, as well as their participation in the life of nature.” I noticed this especially in the poetry in As I Crossed a Bridge of Dreams. On page 82, the poem “Like me those water fowl who spend the night in restless sleep/Now sadly shake the frost from off their wings” seems to exemplify this two-way relationship with nature. It neither appears to be believed that nature mirrors what humans feel, nor that human action and emotion is dictated by nature. I am still trying to unravel, then, how the two relate.

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