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3 Miller Samuel 

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  1. Profile photo of Noah  Levy Noah Levy says:

    Hi Sam,

    I agree that the house metaphor was quite surprising and eye-opening. But despite this fact, personally I feel that at least in part materialistic designations are significant, even if “life continues to pass by.” Even though this goes without saying, today’s society is based upon materialistic goods and personal achievement; while these do not fit well into Buddhism, we are forced to reconcile with these in today’s world.

  2. Hi Sam,

    Very nice poem…I loved the visual of the mist rising from the tree in the reflection. Also I wanted to comment on your statement about how our personal belongings have become so very important to us…I believe it is part of our journey in life to go from self loving to discovering that there is so much more to life then materialistic possessions. I am 36 years old and I have been forced to travel (when I was in the military) and start my life over and over again…Time and time again do to various things that have happened in my life. It is because of these experiences that I have learned to let go of those things that are just not that important in the bigger picture we call life. I have learned to be detached to material things and focus on my relationships with others. Its those relationships that you will take with you through your journey called life!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I thought they were very good 🙂

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