2 Sacks Adrienne

2 Sacks Adrienne

Last Saturday afternoon, my friends and I were walking around the park near our dormitory and enjoying the warmer weather.

Birds gather in the branches of a tree

They are chirping

We are laughing

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As a woman, reading “Lady Sarashina”’s As I Crossed a Bridge of Dreams was particularly interesting. After reading the novel, I have come to appreciate the way in which the Japanese women of the Heian period recorded and shared their most intimate emotions and moments. The woman’s story is too often lost throughout the course of history, pushed to the side for being too dramatic or emotional. However, Lady Sarashina boldly writes not only to the experience of the Japanese woman in this time period, but perhaps to the experience of all people. While reading the book, I found myself wondering, “What is a dream?” and pondering the connection between the dreams we have while we are sleeping and the aspirations we have while we are awake. Lady Sarashina speaks to both in her book. “I never dreamt that such a thing could be – That you and I should part in this world even for a while” (Lady Sarashina, 66). Here, Sarashina uses dream in the sense of “imagine.” She had imagined that her and her father would always be together. This was, in a sense, her “dream.” However, later in the story, Sarashine writes “I saw her in my dream, And now my bed is all afloat with tears” (Lady Sarashina, 102). In this part of the story, Sarashina quite literally has a dream about her friend, a dream which deeply impacts her emotionally. After reading As I Crossed a Bridge of Dreams, I feel that I understand the concept of a dream more clearly. In a world that is ever changing, perhaps a dream is something to hold onto. For a short time or a long time, consciously or unconsciously, a dream is a concise vision of a reality that is anything but.

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