3 Wong William

3 Wong William


The snow was snowing quite heavily as I trudged back from the Davis T Station back to Tufts University.

White everywhere

The snow hits me

I walk forward


In class last week, we discussed the aspect of Buddhism and its three concepts of anitya, dukha and anatman. These three concepts describe how nothing is permanent, life is suffering and there is no such thing as self, respectively (Inouye) Upon hearing about these three beliefs, dukha, the concept that life is suffering, sticks out to me the most. Buddhism illustrates that the life we live in constantly is affected by horrible events such as death. If life is always like this, then why don’t we try to leave it? As Chomei states, “Therefore, in my fiftieth spring I retired from the world” (Hokoki 60). However, this isn’t possible. We always want everything to be permanent and stable; however, according to Buddhism, nothing is ever permanent. Everything is constantly changing. But our desires to live a stable life is the reason why we continue to suffer. In addition, we discussed how failures and success always happen one after the other. It seems as if something successful happens, a failure is destined to happen in the near future.

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