1 Sacks Adrienne

1 Sacks Adrienne

Walking from my dormitory to Davis Square to run errands.

It is snowing and
I am walking
without you.

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My first few classes of Japanese culture have left me pondering the intricate relationship between man and the natural world. Long have I thought about, as Kitagawa expresses, the “intimate correlation between the rhythm of nature and that of a human life.” (Kitagawa) For example, roughly the same amount of time that the sun is down is the amount of time and time of day in which people are tired. I have pondered this idea since I was a young child. This alone fosters an intimate relationship between man and nature rooted in sharing space and time. However, over the past two weeks I have come to realize that even more significant than these larger, seemingly universal trends and truths, are the small moments between a single person and nature. There is a greater intimacy in this moment between man and nature as it is a unique experience that will never be repeated in quite the same way. As Professor Inouye so eloquently states the idea in Evanescence and Form, “There is less enjoyable truth in definitions than in moments of definition.” (Inouye)

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