4 Levy Noah

4 Levy Noah

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  1. Amanda Greaves says:

    Hey Noah,
    I loved the way you built on what nothingness means in Buddhism, from the beginning of your post. The comparisons between Buddhism and Christianity is interesting. It made me question the different ways those religions bespeak about salvation to its followers. As a person who follows the western Christian belief; I agree that Buddhism feels like a more round about way to obtain salvation. I only say this because personally I have been struggling with obtaining nothingness. The way that westerners create value is by having more. This isn’t a product of my religion. It is more so the nature of the beast that is consumerism in America. In Christianity in order to save myself there is a road map that tells me what actions need to be taken. They are each expressed as rites; the first being Baptismal rites. In Buddhism it feels as if i am waiting for something to happen to me, instead of being in charge of what I can make happen. The Buddhist ideal of being receptive to new ideas, like you said, ‘ is a good thing’ or at least sounds amazing. The ability to let go, is a blessing. It would interesting to find away to combine more of that in Christianity. I guess it can happen through more mediative states, through The rosary; but it isn’t required enough of Catholics.If it was I bet it would create an over arching calm in a lot of people.

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