6 Chan Karen

Looking out the window one afternoon and seeing the vast amount of land before me.

Outside the window –

Unending sight of trees.

The drifting clouds.

6 Chan Karen pic

This week’s topics focused on the order of here-and-now and the ideas of Matsuo Basho. The order of here-and-now is a new perspective of evanescence and form, and refers to the return from Nirvana and the transcendental order through compassion. As a response to evanescence and form, we find “in [Basho’s] poems eternal unchanging and the momentary ever-changing” (Inouye, 75). He includes things that have never been written about in Japanese poetry before while following the fundamental concepts of Japanese poetry. At the same time, he states “the gods of desire possessed [him], and burned [his] mind with the longing to go beyond the barrier of Shirakawa” (Basho, 3). His desire for travel is dangerous in that it will threaten him to lose everything, including his sense of self. Because of that, he establishes a greater sense of self through writing prose along with poetry. However, unlike the previously seen cases of evanescence, Basho tries to “depict an external landscape and infuse it with human emotion” (Inouye, 75).  That is to say, the boundary between the self and nature breaks down in his poetry, and there is a blend in space and self.

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  1. Amanda Greaves says:

    You bring up that Basho’ s desire to travel so much that the only he can keep his sense of self is by writing poetry in order to keep his ‘self’. This makes me think about the ways that everything needs balance and too much of one thing could result in him losing it all.
    You address that this the cure that he uses to assuage the issue,but- why is this happening. What is writing doing to cure his wanderlust?

    My hypothesis is that the writing helps him with realization of self. It is away to be aware of your emotions and truly understand what you are feeling. If anything I am learning that everyone needs to check themselves every once in a while, in order to truly realize what is happening to them. Every experience changes us in one way or another. It is imperative that we check ourselves to make sure we understand how this things are molding who we are. It could even help to deal with emotions or remove ill advised emotions.

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