1 Maman Philippe

A pair of leaves

Held by one –

They crumble.

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In Professor Inouye’s text, Evanescence and Form An Introduction to Japanese Culture, one theme stood out among the rest while reading the first few sections. “Constant change works against our desires to make reality comply with our need to rationalize and control its processes” (Inouye, 26). Since reality is not necessarily satisfactory, the need to change our lives in some way emerges. “To both the moderns and the ancients, reality (i.e., this mortal life) was viewed as harsh, disagreeable and apart from a more ideal world against which it is measured” (Inouye, 22). We try to mold our individual realities into an acceptable or ideal form and in doing this we create our own realities. In other words, the human ability to make personal progress is what lets us create the change that evanescence hinges on. Dreams are cited as an embodiment of this concept as well. “Dreams, helps us question the realness of the real” (Inouye, 28). Here it is being said that imagination lets us highlight our ideal reality. Our ability to conceptualize what is possible through change is what builds nations and forms relationships. Essentially what I took from these ideas is this: The ability to triumph over the fear that comes along with recognizing that reality is not actually immutable is what allows for evanescence and to some degree productivity. You must recognize that if you work, the moment can be changed and you must not let the size of the task at hand overcome you. As far as I am capable of understanding, in accepting evanescence as a truth, you can let go of the moment itself and move on to the next and the past’s power over you subsides.




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