Week 2

2 Amanda Greaves


I spent the weekend in Texas- but nothing came to me this week.






 JPN 2


This week gave the class a taste of some Japanese culture. The theme that I sense I will see a lot this semester is the notion that life is ever changing; nothing in life is permanent. The example that was used in Evanescence & Form is love.  The book states that, “Love becomes a game that is no more stable despite its many rules.” I don’t believe that for a second; albeit I would like to qualify that statement. It is true that love does change, as do the seasons do with each year. It is not true that just because love changes, it does not mean it is not constant. The factor that seems to be what ruins love, makes it magical. It is within love you can change yourself, and the others under its spell.  Love does change. It does not need to be for the worst it could be for the better. Kamis are placed on things that are not constant. The sumo  wrestler champion will not always be the supreme, but he is still worthy of praise.  I would but a Kami on love. It is worthy to be noticed, revered, but in the end appreciated for what it is.


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