5 Zhao Ruhui


Yesterday afternoon, I was on the Red Line T passing over Charles River.




Sunlight on the river


You are different­­-


Every day



In this week’s lecture, Professor Inouye talked about the role of prostitutes in Japanese culture. These women were in a special social position in ancient Japan: They traveled a lot, frequently got in touch with strangers from various places and with different occupations. It was a new form of social interaction at that time. Some well-known courtesans in history lived such a dramatic life that even nowadays people are curious about their stories. But from their own perspective of their life, they were fragile and pathetic like cherry blossom. They got the feeling of “floating world” more deeply than any other people (Saikaku, 212). They met several thousand of men in their career, but it was much harder for them to find love compared to normal women. They had to fight for love. That was partially the answer that why their love stories are intricate and touching. Men were judged by society to take these girls off the shelf, while these outstanding girls were picked out with the greatest care before and desired men’s mercy (Saikaku, 210). In this evanescent world, everything changes with time, especially, women’s beauty.


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