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Week 2

2 Amanda Greaves   I spent the weekend in Texas- but nothing came to me this week.               This week gave the class a taste of some Japanese culture. The theme that I sense … Continue reading

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Week 9

9 Greaves,  Amanda –Still sick after months of medicine               Warm, wet rusty air Plagues places with no bright light Dark clouds make my home   After watching Grave of the Fireflies the main theme that resounded the most … Continue reading

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Week 3

3  Greaves Amanda   –       Walking through the cold night   Walking in the snow The cold frost penetrating Where can I get warm? This week focused on leaving the world. I want to focus on The Tufts Enlightenment Rap; … Continue reading

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1 Greaves Amanda

    Walking on Boylston Street, getting blown away by the heavy wind while shopping.   Dangerous red slacks   On the whim of a rough wind   Stretching and flexing       This week was the first week … Continue reading

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