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3 Lele Ameya

On my porch, I noticed an icicle hanging from the ledge at various times in the day. Icicles Melting in the sun – Disappearing This week’s reading again focused on impermanence. In both stories, the narrators witness swaths of destruction … Continue reading

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2 Lele Ameya

No moment this week. “The law of men must be universal but not final, always subject to change, with peace as its ultimate end.” (Nara, 96). This definition of Dharma really struck me as yet another way to describe the … Continue reading

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1 Lele Ameya

While seated at the gate for my flight, I observed a group of little children nearby. Brothers and sisters Prance and stumble Laughing The first thing that was stressed in these first lectures is the underlying tension that lies between … Continue reading

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