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5 Ohara Anna

5 Ohara Anna I took a girl to do pottery, she was a better pupil than I’d imagined she would be. The pottery wheel spins While next to me You lift a bowl into being.   During the Tokugawa period, … Continue reading

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4 Ohara Anna

Early Sunday afternoon, I walked with friends to Castle Rock in South Boston in the freezing cold. Ocean wind against The castle stones In lilac Sunset   I was baptized at age 6 in order to attend a catholic school, … Continue reading

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3 Ohara Anna

I watched my friend as we drove to a concert in Allston. Driving through snow I watch you Looking out   The Buddhist metaphor of people being like children playing in a burning house is striking in its immediacy, it … Continue reading

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After midnight, I looked out my window at the park across the street where lights illuminated a trashcan in the snow. A streetlamp shines On a bin and hard snow In the park   My experience learning history has prepared me … Continue reading

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2 Ohara Anna

On Saturday morning I was biking to the SMFA for a pottery class, and as I passed through an intersection in Inman a flock of pigeons flew overhead. At crossroads Echoes of Pigeon Wings overhead Hearing my classmates expound on … Continue reading

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