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5 Sacks Adrienne

5 Sacks Adrienne I took a walk early this morning and saw a gaggle of geese walking down the hill. Early morning Geese walk down the hill Calm While discussing Japanese hedonism this week, I found myself particularly interested in … Continue reading

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4 Sacks Adrienne

4 Sacks Adrienne   I was laying in bed at night on my side, looking out the window.   The moon shines between two clouds A tree sways back and forth in the wind I ponder my decision During this … Continue reading

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3 Sacks Adrienne

3 Sacks Adrienne One day this week, my friends and I were outside, standing close together, smoking cigarettes in the snow. The tree branches are interwoven The only tree to live in winter You are my friends As an architecture … Continue reading

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2 Sacks Adrienne

2 Sacks Adrienne Last Saturday afternoon, my friends and I were walking around the park near our dormitory and enjoying the warmer weather. Birds gather in the branches of a tree They are chirping We are laughing As a woman, … Continue reading

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1 Sacks Adrienne

1 Sacks Adrienne Walking from my dormitory to Davis Square to run errands. It is snowing and I am walking without you. My first few classes of Japanese culture have left me pondering the intricate relationship between man and the … Continue reading

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