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5 – Experiencing v Remembering

On Friday afternoon I was walking on a sidewalk and saw raindrops falling into a huge puddle.  The psychologist Daniel Kahneman has written about what he calls “the experiencing self” and “the remembering self.” The experiencing self is the you … Continue reading

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4 – Returning

On Friday morning I made breakfast and ate it alone at my dining room table. Merton writes, “It is usually thought in the West that a Buddhist simply turns away from the world and other people as ‘unreal’ and cultivates … Continue reading

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3 – Ladder

On Friday morning I was walking across a snowy field. Near the end of Wittgenstein’s Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus he writes, “He who understands me finally recognizes [my propositions] as senseless, when he has climbed out through them, on them, over them. (He must … Continue reading

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1 – Form and Meaning

On Thursday morning I was sitting at a table with the professor I work for. I decided to take this class after I read an article last fall that mentioned wabi-sabi, defined there as the idea that, “The greatest beauty … Continue reading

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2 – Jihatsu

Late Wednesday night I had a fraught exchange with a friend and paused on her porch before I walked home.  Jihatsu is the verb form used in Japanese “when a particular situation is so evocative that it elicits an immediate response … Continue reading

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