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7 Schwartz Ezra

     I was raised in a very polite household. Through strict instruction, politeness became one of my core values; the Golden Rule forever in my heart. Hence, I was very drawn to Nitobe’s discussion of politeness in Japanese culture, … Continue reading

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6 Schwartz Ezra

I was walking to Gancher when I saw Canadian geese flying in formation.   In this weeks readings a distinction was made between sorrow and loneliness. Although it is true that loneliness may lead to sorrow, the opposite is not … Continue reading

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5 Schwartz Ezra

This past Saturday I was working on the Campus Center patio, soaking in the hot sun.       During this weeks reading of Ihara Saikaku’s Woman Who Loved Love, the song Big Yellow Taxi, originally by Joni Mitchell, repeated … Continue reading

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3 Schwartz Ezra

I was walking to Dowling Hall across the academic lawn, and noticed the steam from the smokestack.   Recently, as I begin to think about my career and life path, I have similarly begun to reflect on what an accomplished … Continue reading

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