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6 Tarantino Evan

Walking down my street, I noticed three icicles hanging off the back of a car. In a driveway Icicles drip Onto asphalt   I have been thinking a lot about the distinction that Professor Inouye made in class last week … Continue reading

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When I was walking in New York on Sunday morning, I saw a group of pigeons attacking half a hoagie roll on the pavement. In the street Wings flap Bread wars This past week, I could not help but ponder … Continue reading

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4 Tarantino Evan

Walking to class after a haircut, and feeling the wind on the freshly trimmed sides of my head. Walking The winter wind On pale skin Thomas Merton’s opening note immediately resonated with what I took away from the lecture last … Continue reading

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Sitting at my desk in my room, watching the snow pile up on the tar-finished rooftop outside my window. Harmony – Snow piling up On the rooftop While reading Hojoki: Visions of a Torn World, I could not help but confront … Continue reading

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1 – Shell of the Cicada

Standing outside of Sophia Gordon Hall and admiring the quickness with which ice crystals were forming in water spilled on the banister. Looking closely Crystals reaching A droplet’s edge Having read Kitagawa’s “A Past of Things Present” prior to last … Continue reading

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2 – From Hakanasa to Mujo

  Walking on a sidewalk near Bromfield Pearson, and stopping to admire the way in which a tree’s shadow cast itself on the cracked concrete. Stopping Admiring Shadows cast on concrete When Professor Inouye finished his little anecdote about Haruki … Continue reading

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